starter’s essentials

CORPORATEAdvice on the legal form

Assistance with the incorporation of the company

Drafting of the shareholders agreement

Drafting of the by-laws
Estimated time : 15 hours - invoiced 12 hours (3 hours free) Fixed price 1.800 EUR excl.VAT – preferential rate of 150 EUR/h

starter’s tech

IP/ITAdvice on data protection
Drafting of IP licence/assignment agreements
Drafting of IT contracts and Service contracts
Case by case. 20 first hours – preferential rate of 180 EUR/h excl. VAT
+ 3 hours free

starter’s fund raising

TAXTax advice (« Startup Tax Shelter ») : tailored analysis of the legal requirements – imposed to the startup and its investors – to benefit from tax reductionsEstimated time: : 10 hours  -  invoiced 8 hours (2 hours free)Fixed price of 1.440 EUR excl. VAT – preferential rate of 180 EUR/h
CORPORATELegal assistance and advices for the raising of funds, Capital increase (contributions in kind or contributions in cash), Issuance of bonds (convertible or not, subordinated or not …), Mixed operationsCase by case
Estimated time : 15 hours  -  invoiced 12 hours (3 hours free)
Preferential rate of 180 EUR/h excl. VAT

Note : Our fees do not include the notary fees and the accountant fees (a priori required for these types of operations).    
CORPORATE (Follow-up)Drafting of the (new) shareholders agreement, review of the by-laws, the Management Agreement.
Estimated time : 15 to 30 hours.
Preferential rate of 180 EUR/h excl. VAT